Mentha Nolana is a visual artist, writer, experiment, flesh-eating rabbit, and chuunibyou specialist

Subjects of her drawings include girls, pain, bunny girls, shrimps, evil girls, love, and fun

She also illustrates for and develops visual novels, is the main illustrator for IMO Team (visual novel doujin circle), has created animations, and produced music in the past as well

In her free time, Mentha enjoys hiking, watching wrestling, gaming, collecting music, and wilting away


Experiment log #623A, an art booklet.
Mint is an experiment at Foamfield Research.

Hello Girl, a yuri visual novel developed with IMO Team.
Ana is a telephone operator in a world of turmoil.
Developed for VN Cup 2

Ribboncutter, a yuri visual novel in development with Ibis Sunrosa.
The tunnel is extended a few feet everyday.
Mint knows of nothing but the tunnel.

Kavaya Local Maximum, a visual novel in development with IMO Team.
A cold, cold border point exists between two certainties in life.

Sunday, a visual novel.

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Preferences and Restrictions

Below is a list of my preferences and restrictions. Most restricted subjects are there because I am not confident in being able to provide a quality image in a reasonable amount of time to the commissioner with those specific subjects. Please do not take them as personal slights.

• Feminine or non-binary presenting characters
• Natural landscapes
• Darker, night-time scenes
• Scenes at eye-level
• Static subjects (characters sitting or standing still)
• Blood and gore
• Furry
• Child or adult age characters
Not OK
• I will not design characters for you
• Real-life people (unless a pre-made 2D translation exists already)
• Erotic character designs or situations
• Masculine-presenting characters
• Non-humanlike characters (example: mecha or animal)
• Infants or toddlers


I am willing to make small corrections and additions for free, but for any large revision I may ask for an additional fee to complete it.

If I am unable to complete the commission I will refund you the full amount. In the event you can no longer afford the commission, I may only refund if I have not yet started any work on the piece.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission and refund the payment without explanation.

Once the commission is complete, you are free to use the image on social media websites as you like. Though I do not allow for commissoned artworks to be used for commercial purposes like merchandise or similar before a specific deal is worked out.

I do not allow my art, commissioned or otherwise, to be used for non-fungible tokens, digital marketplaces, merchandise, or as part of an AI/neural network dataset.

The Archives
Daily Mint Decot
Super Game Boy border
Mint cursor
Mint 3D model
Lovelattice stems
the art of medicine PDF

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Super Game Boy screen border
For use with Nintendo DS Game Boy emulators
I have not tested this with any other emulators or systems
Click to download

Mint Fun

Mint Evil
Mint cursor
A Mint cursor .ani file for use with Windows
Created by leg

Click to download
Lovelattice stems
These are the stems for Lovelattice, the first track on medicine

Click to download (95mb)
the art of medicine
An art book distributed with medicine in 2017

Click to download
Mint 3D model
A 3D model of Mint in .blend format
Created by chained_tan in 2020

Click to download

20-page art booklet

Mint is an experiment at Foamfield Research.
These are the compiled notes and images of the research conducted.

🔞 This work contains intense violence and gore

Physical edition (no longer available)
Digital edition
The Archives

A complete archive of my work available to monthly supporters on Ko-fi or Patreon.

This includes almost all art, music, and videos, including commissions and project files, from 2008-2024. It is maintained and updated daily as I continue to work on new things.

Note: While most images have exported .pngs available, there are lots of unfinished image project files which are in .clip format, which can be only opened using Clip Studio Paint. You can download a free trial of Clip Studio from here.